About Me

A Basic Introduction

Basically, I’m a maker and creator from the Netherlands making digital… Things… 

I’m Sander and I make designs in 3D. Doing some 3D scanning. And with a 3D printer, I can bring 3D things to life.
But I like to explore the vastness of the internet, to find new and exciting ways to make new stuff. Like for example. I try to learn some CSS  coding (mostly used in websites). Although it’s not going that great for me. I’m learning the fundamentals and that helped me to create some watch faces for my new Fitbit.
Yes. It’s all scattered around a bit, but hey; Welcome to my world…

This all is a waste if I don’t share it with you… So, once in a while I will try to share my projects or new 3D designs so you guys can 3D print it yourself!